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Tinney Flat

Sunday night Norm and the boys went camping.  One of our favorite places is south of here, near Santaquin.  One reason we love it is because it's not too crowded.  There weren't any individual sites left, but paying the group site fee isn't too terrible if it gets you this much space without neighbors. So the boys left after church and the girls and I drove up to meet them on Monday morning.  I loved sleeping in a tent as a kid.  (As an adult, not so much.)  I loved camping as a kid.  (As an adult, not so much.)  We've found the perfect solution.  Norm can sleep in a tent with the boys and I can join them the next day. It was totally worth the drive, and beautiful in the springtime.  Karly is getting pretty good with a pocketknife.  Whittling! Amber is good at finding and throwing rocks. The campsite was by a burbling brook.   Of course if there's a stream nearby, you have to cross it. He told us to bring coats.   I alway

Potty training

May 30, 2018 This winter and spring Amber and I have been potty training.  Basically it's a transfer of power.   S he and I have an unwritten agreement that she’s in charge of her body, and I get to take a step back. There’s good advice everywhere.   My main insight is this:   when your kid is old enough and wants it enough, it works.   Even if mom makes every mistake in the book. I did a super lousy job this time around.   One cold day in January, I took Amber with me to Target.   We bought princess panties and a pink potty chair.   Filled with enthusiasm, we came home and tried potty training for an hour or two.   I quickly remembered the main detail I’d forgotten:   potty training is a ton of work. We continued for a few days, basically using two hours of each morning.   And then I said, “Nope.   Not yet.   I’m not ready.”   By lunchtime I was hungry and done.  Afternoons are filled with big kids, so that was out of the question. February.   I think