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 Last week I accepted a challenge to share a gratitude journal on social media, leading up to Thanksgiving. It's been really fun to see the #GiveThanks posts from my friends on FaceBook. I've enjoyed the stories and thoughts and good news. Here's my week in review. I didn't highlight ALL of my blessings, rather this is a random sample. Day 1: So thankful for our oldest. He doesn't make a lot of noise or get a lot of recognition, so today for just a minute I need to share. He is smart and kind and hardworking. And he did really well on the SAT recently.          photo credit Rachel Lacy Day 2: Thankful today for a handful of things: love this son of ours, love that he's been safe learning to drive, and love that I have a car. This might sound silly, but I do a lot of driving. This season of life would be impossible if I had to walk or ride a bike or take a bus to all the places. And I love that flag flying in the background.     Day 3: Remember when a phone was j


 What are you thankful for? This year I'm thankful for trees, and for paper. And for a little girl who made her own paper tree. Notice the handwriting and spelling, the pencil tree, evidence that she did it all by herself. From cutting to gluing to taping it to the wall, she was sure it's the best tree ever. It love it. This year I started making our paper tree and modeled it after a real one in our front yard. The idea is to think of as many blessings as you can, and write one blessing on each leaf. When you start your tree it might be a little bare, but by the end of the month you'll have a whole bunch. As the month goes by, your tree gets more and more leafy. Post Script: 11.19.20 Today makes one week until Thanksgiving.  #GiveThanks Every year we do something like this in November. A few years ago I wrote about it over  here  and about having a  gratitude attitude . Then last year I explained why I send out  Thanksgiving cards  instead of Christmas cards. I love Jesus b

Eighteen Years

 My mommy journey began eighteen years ago. It was really fun to celebrate our firstborn, and to have multiple days last week where we honored him. He is a really fine young man. We had a fancy dinner out with all six of us. (Somebody please congratulate me on the scheduling necessary to carve out a night where there was no band practice, work, church, gymnastics or violin lessons. This season of life is nutty. Also, can somebody please congratulate me on finding clean clothes for each kid, buying a polo shirt for C and picking one he'd like, that fits, without making him try it on?) We shared a meal and enjoyed reflecting on this journey. Then a few days later we had homemade chocolate cake and presents and pigs in a blanket for lunch.  photo credit Rachel Lacy As I reflected on my son's birthday, I realized that I needed a celebration for me as well. I began my chosen career with this little boy's arrival, and it changed my life forever. I talked about  Labor and Delivery

Land that I Love

Yesterday I asked my kids to make a list of things they're grateful for, specifically about our country. It began as a top ten list, but that was insufficient. I love this land. And I want to remember this election season. Yes, there is a polarization between the parties and candidates, but I'm so grateful for he privilege of casting my vote. This year Norm and Cade and I voted in person at the senior center. I might need to come back later and alphabetize the following. Army Coast Guard Community College Costco Data Analysts Dispatchers FARMERS Fire Fighters Freedom of speech and expression Freedom to worship in own way Freedom from want Freedom from fear ( FDR four great freedoms  speech given in 1941) Friday night football Judges Marching Band Marines Military National Parks Navy Police Officers Post Office Public education Roads and interstate transportation Sanitation workers Scholarships Supreme Court Texas teachers who work so hard! Toilet paper at rest areas thats FREE