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Fall Flowers

  Every fall Norm participates in a yearly convention, a networking event for professionals within his industry. Sometimes they go cool places like Quebec or Kawaii. Last year was virtual, but this year they were excited to meet in Maui. We bought a plane ticket for me to tag along too. A few weeks ago we were really disappointed to learned the convention was not happening in Hawaii, but doing it all virtually instead.  We cancelled our flight reservations. I'd known in the back of my head that we might not go, but I needed a break from the routine, from the crazy fall schedule, and from my kids. Rather, I needed a break from my job as a parent. I love my kids, but I love them even more after I've been gone for a few days. ;) And Norm and I needed a chance to go on a date and hang out together. I highly recommend  Marriage Maintenance  for every couple in every season. That said, it's incredibly tricky for us to get time away together in our current scenario. I'd known

Colorado Mountains

  The best camping memories of my life happened in the Rockies. (This first photo is actually in Utah at a cute place called Tinney Flat , but they look similar.) My dad had lived and hiked those mountains for years and climbed many of the Fourteeners as a young adult. During the two years that we lived in Boulder, he took me and my older brother along on some of these amazing hikes.  We’d camp overnight and wake up early to begin the ascent. The first mountain in my story remains nameless because I can’t even remember. But the detail I’ll never forget; after hiking for many hours we arrived at a field of slate or shale. These rocks were dark and shiny, jagged. There was no trail. We picked our way up and through kinda like billy goats.  In case you scrolled past that super fast, look one more time and there's my brother hidden behind one of the rocks. There you go. After what seemed like forever, we reached the top of this pile of rocks, and happy day, the view opened up and I c

Just Keepin' it Real

 Do you ever have days that are just rotten? Yup. I know you can relate. This was Monday morning when I opened my daughter's backpack and went to make her lunch for school. "Oh yeah, I forgot to look through her stuff Friday afternoon when she came home." After the weekend, the orange peel and the frozen peas had long since lost their luster.  My purpose isn't to gross you out, or to dwell on the negative. But sometimes moms have days that are: grumpy gritty frumpy frazzled feisty And I'm here to tell you and me both, that's normal. Sorry, but we all have our warts. One of the women who has inspired me is Shawni from  71toes  and I especially love her disclaimer. She writes about a mothers' retreat where they talked about what makes moms spiral into depression or negativity. "The big answer from a whole slew of moms was that blogs are the problem." She writes:  "Despite my attempts to "keep it real" on this blog, somehow some peopl