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Rethinking Sexuality

  Rethinking Sexuality, God's Design and Why it Matters , by Dr. Juli Slattery Stuff I underlined: "The quickest way to the heart is through a wound." John Piper "You and I have this same opportunity to make the gospel relevant and personal to those who are silently suffering around us." p26 "We have conceded the area of sexuality to the world's persuasive arguments and seductive philosophy." p31 "Two of the greatest challenges surrounding sexuality are convincing single Christians to abstain from sex and convincing married Christians to enjoy sex.  True sexual intimacy in marriage is not just about making your body available. It's about giving your whole self to your spouse. It requires enough trust to enter into passion." page 57 "Satan wants to convince us that God is not trustworthy." p 69 "The beauty of broken: Jesus most profoundly demonstrated the power and love of God when He ministered to hurting people...Those

Neck Brick

 Notes on Posture A while ago, my chiropractor in Lehi told me I had bad posture and my shoulders were sort of hunched forward. "How rude," I thought. A few years later my chiropractor in Flower Mound echoed that same thing. They were both trying to help me see something that I'd missed, in an effort to prevent problems later. So I appreciate the heads' up, even though at first I didn't like hearing it. They call it Tech Neck, or a Dowager's Hump. I noticed both of my grandmas had a rounded back, and my back was trending in that direction. Many teenagers have similar posture problems from always looking down at screens.  Dr. Blad  explains how to use a neck orthotic here. You get the idea. Every night before bed I set a timer and use my neck brick for 15 minutes.