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2022 Christmas Card

  December 21, 2022 Hello Friends and Family! In September we got a dog. The End.  No, just kidding. I'll try to fill in some more details about him and the rest of the gang. His name is Sven, just like the reindeer from Frozen. He's a sweet and mellow Portuguese water dog, and YES, he loves our pool. But I've never had a puppy before, so it's been a major adjustment for me. I haven't written any blog posts and I'm still trying to find my new groove that includes another critter who's fuzzy and small-ish. He's the main reason we didn't send any paper cards this year, but the girls are in love with him so I'm learning to love him too ;) Cade is super far away and we love him and miss him. He's grown so much and has learned a lot about himself, about life, about Heavenly Father and His power to bless us, and especially how to serve the people around him. Here's a fun fact about Finland right now. He said, "Tomorrow is the darkest day o