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Texas Freeze

February 2021 was pretty cold in north Texas. All these months later, I'm finally taking a minute to write about it. In the great state of Texas, there are almost NO snow plows so people couldn't drive anywhere. Without transportation most stuff shut down. Norm was one of the exceptions, working for a business that has a 24/7 call center, so he never missed a day of work and was able to drive in safely each day. School was cancelled for five whole days, and we figured the kids would have some days added on to the end of the schoolyear, but since it was a "state of emergency" the days were forgiven. It wasn't all fun and games though. The rolling blackouts were initiated to keep the power grid from shutting down entirely. We have a newfound gratitude for electricity.  Pictured below is one night when we ate dinner in the dark. I'd just finished some kind of soup on the stovetop so it was hot.  There were many families who had no power at all, and others who had