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Love and Logic

One of the best parenting tools is Love and Logic. I wish I'd read their book or taken their class sooner. Today's story is based on the training and ideas found  here . It makes parenting so much more fun when you use love, logic and sound reasoning to let kids learn hard lessons. On day 4 of Kindergarten this year, Amber decided it would be more fun to stay home. She wanted to snuggle with me and read stories, she wanted to play in her room and have time to make mini books and do whatever she wants. As the realization hit me that the honeymoon was over, I made an important decision. We couldn't fight this battle every day this year. It had been a really LONG six months of spring break, and she had gotten out of the routine of going to school. I need her to be at school. I don't even care how much she learns, but she needs to interact with peers her own age and be with a teacher who isn't me. It's a beautiful thing. photo credit Rachel Lacy So Day 4 rolls aroun

Happy Birthday Little Blog

Three years ago in the fall, I felt like it was time to start writing a blog. My reasons for doing so are deeply meaningful to me, so I'm taking a risk to share them publicly.  As much as I like writing, I'm not an expert. There's a lot of editing that goes on behind the scenes, whether I'm asking Norm to look for holes in my logic, or asking some of my writer friends to proof a post. I still owe my friend S cookies for helping me edit something recently. I need to take a critical writing class, a photography class, and a computer class, too. I'm not making any money here. All I'm doing is tossing my stuff out to the internet, and hoping that my story helps somebody. Whether or not you are my biological sister, it doesn't matter. Some of my closest friends are so dear to me that I count them as sisters. I'm not sure how far these words will reach, but if you're somebody I haven't met yet, I'm hoping this is worth the effort, and worth forfeit