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A Thanksgiving Card, huh?

(Yes, we're weird.) But why send a card at Thanksgiving? I love this holiday, and  I'm trying to simplify Christmas. First let's talk about why I love Thanksgiving. Making time to stop and give thanks is a big deal. I keep teaching and re-teaching my kids to show gratitude. They've heard this line a dozen times: "Will you be grateful or greedy?" Can we be happy with what is , without always wanting more ? I talked about having a gratitude attitude over  here  and about our yearly Thanksgiving tradition over  here . Each person thinks of things we're thankful for, and then we write them on paper leaves. I saved last year's poster, and this year we had to think of completely new leaves. Some of my favorites on this year's list: pumpkin bread, 2 hour church, a working desktop computer, choir, etc. I talked about fall in Texas over  here  but I have to add one more funny story. See the turkey hat Amber's wearing in the photo? Yesterday

The Holy Bible

The Holy Bible King James Version I love this book so much! This morning I went to Bible study with eleven other women of faith. It was the best hour of my day. We're each from different churches, but we're in the same BSF small group this year. It's kind of a beautiful thing, to connect and strengthen and share. This whole semester we've been reading in the book of Acts, and it's awesome to learn how the early church grew in the days following the Savior's death and resurrection. God is truly sovereign, and unstoppable in his work. It's been interesting to follow the stories of Stephen and Paul and Philip and Cornelius. Today's discussion was part of a mini study from 1 Peter, and once again I'm reminded that great blessings come from faith, and even from the fiery trial of faith. Sometimes people wonder if I like the Bible. Yes! Sometimes people mistakenly think that members of my church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, don

The Book of Mormon

The Book of Mormon Another Testament of Jesus Christ On our Thanksgiving card this year, I included a verse from Mosiah 24. Here's the back story: a group of believers were living in enemy territory. They were in bondage and prayed for deliverance. God heard their prayers and told them to wait : don't just wait and be grumpy, but wait with faith and hope. Then a miraculous thing happened.  Their burdens were not taken away, but their shoulders got stronger. This is the promise from heaven: 14 " And I will also ease the  burdens  which are put upon your shoulders, that even you cannot feel them upon your backs, even while you are in bondage; and this will I do that ye may stand as  witnesses  for me hereafter, and that ye may know of a surety that I, the Lord God, do visit my people in their  afflictions ." (Mosiah 24:14) Their slavery wasn't over yet, but "they did submit cheerfully and with patience to all the will of the Lord." (v. 15) Late

Mary's Blankets

In a phone call the other day, I realized an important detail. I am very different from my mother-in-law. This is not rocket science, this is not an earth-shaking newsflash.  We've known each other for more than twenty years now. But in learning to appreciate her for who she is, and in learning to see her unique talents and gifts, I can finally quit expecting her to be like me. She never once expected me to be her carbon copy, but maybe I went into this relationship with the wrong expectations. Maybe a young bride assumes that her husband's mom will be a lot like her own mom. Wrong. Sorry sweetie. That's not how it works. The other day I was hoping she'd share some words of wisdom, or write down stories for me to tell her grandkids when they get older. But she's not a writer. She's great at talking on the phone, and she loves to laugh. I'm guessing her sense of humor has gotten her through some very difficult years. One of her best talents is being able

A Joyful Mother of Children

A Joyful Mother of Children , by Linda J Eyre This book reads like fiction, and I love it. I first read it years ago when I had one or two little boys. She's writing from years of experience, and she has this unique gift to make you feel like you're doing just fine. I love Linda Eyre. Here are a handful of other great resources (alphabetical order) to help you on your mommy journey: Grandmothering   How to Talk to your Child about Sex Power of Moms The Thankful Heart

Parenting the Strong-Willed Child

Parenting the Strong-Willed Child, by Kevin Hinckley If you clicked on this link, you probably have a difficult kid. Me too. Someday I deserve a medal for surviving this one's childhood. (I wish somebody had shared this book with me ten years ago. Go buy it. You're welcome.)

Halloween Hangover

Halloween is not my favorite holiday, but I try to be a good sport. (Besides celebrating a day with pagan roots, I have a serious sugar addiction. I love candy + but lack willpower = recipe for disaster.) My participation mainly involves buying pumpkins. Early in October, Amber helped me pick out some pumpkins. The two main criteria: cheap and weird.  Norm said they were all atrocious. Karly named the first one warthog.  I thought this looked like a goose, but my teenagers said otherwise.  They named this one double-butt. From this angle it looks like a muffin top.  And finally tiger-stripe. That's as far as I go with Halloween decorating. No witches, no giant spiders, no skeletons. The rest of these photos are from my very creative and enthusiastic neighbors. Skeletons boogie boarding and sun-bathing: This one made me laugh out loud. Serious thanks to the fun family who did this: Don't miss the doggie skeleton in the next one. The last