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Mom songs

(Sheet music from Wicked) Moms need good music.  Here are some favorites: Baby Mine from Dumbo Blessed by Martina McBride Candle on the Water Children will Listen from Into the Woods Close to Home from Children of Eden Crazy Dreams by Carrie Underwood For Good from Wicked Lead Me by Sanctus Real Lullabye by Billy Joel My Wish by Rascal Flatts Our Children from Ragtime Proud Father by Jon McLaughlin * Somebody's Hero by Jamie O'Neal Someone's Waiting For You by Shelby Flint Sunrise Sunset from Fiddler on the Roof This One's for the Girls by Martina McBride What will baby be by Dolly Parton * If you only listen to one song on this list, check out Jamie O'Neal's Somebody's Hero.

Labor and delivery (notes for new moms: birth stories, the fourth trimester and nursing)

Birth Stories Moms need to tell their delivery stories.  At baby showers, that's mainly what happens. Have you ever noticed that anytime a pregnant lady asks for stories, women always tell their traumatic ones?  The women who had easy deliveries never weigh in, because they don't have time to retell a story they've already processed.  But the woman with the agonizing delivery is still waiting for somebody to validate her experience.  If you're at a baby shower, just wait for it.  The cute mother-to-be starts doing a little research and timidly asks something about childbirth.  Here's my two cents:  if you're the pregnant lady, gently redirect that other lady and say something like, "may I pass?  It won't help me to hear your story, and I won't be able to help you."  Then look around the room for a kindred spirit, a lady with 2-3 kids of her own and a kind face, and say, "but maybe she'd be willing to listen." The moms who

New to Utah

New to Utah: notes for Kim or anybody who's moved from out of state Hi Kim, Remember last year when we talked about how somebody should write a post with all the insider information?  Here you go - a bunch of random notes about Utah. Food ideas: Kneaders is a local bakery.  They're closed on Sundays, and every Saturday night starting at 8pm, almost the entire case of baked goods goes down to 50% off.  It's like Christmas but better.  The carrot cake is great, also the fruit tart... Krispy Kreme is also a win. When your kids get a good report card, take a copy and they'll stamp it and give you 6 free glazed donuts per kid.  That means with my three big kids, we're walking away with 18.  So delicious.  Also when you get there, take at least 20 minutes to watch the donuts rising and dropping in the oil.  That's a really fun field trip. Farm stands are great during the summer.  Look for the ones that are owned locally, right on the orchard.  (The Harward