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See this gem?  You can probably tell I made it sometime in the 80's.  But I love it, so I've kept it all these years.  As a girl, I thought it was a cute way of saying, "Be cheerful."  As it turns out, the message to "Make your own sunshine" is even more profound in my adult years.  Every winter I struggle.  Every winter when the sun hides and the gloom sets in, I have to dig deep.  This is what my backyard looked like earlier today.  Usually I can see across the valley, but there was a serious cloud and not much sunshine. Maybe you also struggle with wintertime depression, or seasonal affective disorder (SAD).  Here are a few things that help me.  1.  Exercise.  I used to wake up at 6am.  This is what my basement looked like on an early morning back in November.  Good news here:  it's starting to get light outside, earlier in the day.  That means winter is almost done!!!  The main thing I want to point out is the lightbox.  It's right in fro